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The crowdfunding campaign is over and this community raised an incredible $142,581 to Save Sawtell Cinema.

You have purchased all new seating, new screens and sound curtains for our two cinemas. Not only will we get back the opportunity to watch high quality and art house movies in our little cinema – we get to do it in comfort and style.

Every single seat in the Sawtell Cinema will now bear the name of someone who dug deep to help save our movie house. The walls will be decorated with the silhouettes of people who love their cinema enough to show they care. I Saved Sawtell Cinema t-shirts and bumper stickers can be seen on our streets and in our cafes. Private parties will be held throughout the next year, hosted by generous cinema supporters. On 20 February many of you will join David Stratton at a special screening celebrating the rebirth of our cinema. And in December, the doors of our cinema will open again.

Thank you! You have blown us away with your generosity, support and caring.

Sawtell Cinema is Saved! We’ll see you at the movies this December.